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HAL-51MNR8CYBW Adeola Odeku Street, Lagos, Nigeria

HAL-H1TYL5SB6W Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

HAL-LHUX7MYZ9B Lagos - Ibadan Expressway, Ikeja, Nigeria

HAL-8TCODK14A6 Zamfara, Nigeria

HAL-7ZXDCLV56K Zamfara, Nigeria

HAL-S9G2P68KVJ Zamfara, Nigeria

HAL-58S4J3N2AV Zamfara, Nigeria

HAL-KT3AB9PDCX Zamfara, Nigeria

HAL-LPTCN192JU Abia State, Aba, Nigeria

HAL-8SQZ1K47N6 Zamfara, Nigeria

HAL-ZXFUY5RPN2 yobe state nigeria, Nigeria

HAL-W3BX6PM4A8 Abia State, Nigeria

HAL-2J7ZMVN1ST yobe state nigeria, Nigeria

HAL-QU5IBTHC1X yobe state nigeria, Nigeria

HAL-QA32RG0WPF yobe state nigeria, Nigeria

HAL-G5FUN61S7T yobe state nigeria, Nigeria

HAL-T463HOB79S Taraba, Nigeria

HAL-6YFWH1RBVK Taraba, Nigeria

HAL-Y2MOE0791F Sokoto, Nigeria

HAL-WZ45MAJ7SF Sokoto, Nigeria

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